Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas Portraits

Yesterday we took Christmas portraits of all the cousins in their fancy holiday attire! They really enjoyed feeding the multitude of ducks who were not shy and kept taking bread right out of their hands and pecking at their knees! It took quite a few shots to get one with all of them looking forward and smiling!

Keosha is a cheerleader this year and she is in 7th grade! She wanted some photos taken in her uniform at the park. She was a big help in getting the kids to smile and look at the camera instead of the ducks.
We tried to coordinate a pic of her and June in her Aggie dress but June was over it, and she didn't look up once since she had her candy!

Claire really made me work hard for a smile, after 440 photos, I finally got one of her smiling while her daddy was holding her.

After the photoshoot, all the girls took off their dresses to enjoy a lollypop courtesy of Aunt Celine's gigantic bag of everything you could think of or need at a photoshoot including snacks, drinks, and an extra pair of shoes for Junebug.

My beautiful sweet angel baby! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

"UUmmmmmm, I heard you had some bread over here, excuse me, can I get some bread please!?"

This was the only other smile we got from Claire after she was offered candy, and a Barbie princess from the toy store

This was the picture Charlotte chose as her favorite and we worked on the colors in this vintage antique photo action effect today and printed a huge16 by 20 that turned out BEAUTIFUL!!! The extra ducks were cropped off when the photo was finished.

June is looking so different with her top toofers coming in, I love it!!

Sweet Corby

Sweet Sophie

I reallly love taking pics of these babies! I had a blast and the kids had fun too as always. I'm glad I didn't go into labor after all this ation! I got my Christmas present early today, a new LENSE, and cannot wait to try it out on baby Shelbie Grace!!


Barrow Family said...

I love, Love, Love those pictures. You did awesome! Just think Caroline and Shelbie should add even more fun to the Christmas picture session next year!

AskewArt said...

Natalie, How did you get the vintage color effects on that picture? Is it photo shop, or some other imaging software, or do you just paint in the colors???
Ms. Askew