Friday, February 4, 2011

No Snow!!


Last night we went to bed with visions of snowflakes dancing in our heads. The mittens and coats were laid out with care care in hopes that soft white snow soon would be there! Then all of a sudden with a flick of the blinds screams were let out NO snow of any kind!! The weatherman said an 80% chance!! We even did a tribal snow dance!!The cameras were charged, and pipes wrapped up all nice, but nothing to see but ice ice ICE!!!!


No snowmen, or angels on this blistery day,


only these tiny icicles for us with to play!!

iceprincess2 iceprincess icecicless

Mr. Aloe was frozen solid and looking so sad,


at least we didn’t have school today, things aren’t all that bad!

iceprincess5 iceysissy

We crunched our boots on the icy grass, and licked those icicles like tiny popsicles made of glass! And licked em and licked em as they melted so slow,


I hope daddy didn’t feed them with too much miracle grow!!


And now we are cozy inside with our cocoa and chili, watching Aladdin with mommy and Nanny all  joyful and silly!!

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