Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Birthday

Tuesday was my birthday. I got these beautiful flowers from Missy “THANK YOU MISSY!! I actually had a horrible day on my birthday. I was so busy I didn’t get to eat lunch or dinner and I got pulled over on top of that. These flowers really made my day! Also, I got lots of sweet messages on facebook, which was very very cool.


birthdayflowers puffandmommy

Yesterday we went to visit Nanny at her work. It was her last day working at the Monogram Shop. She got a new job which she will be starting on Tuesday. It is a huge blessing because she will have insurance for her and Dad! Thank you Lord for this blessing and please give her the strength to get up super early and drive downtown everyday. I Love you SOOOO much, Mom!! We  are so proud of you for finding this awesome job!!


Shelby modeled some of the new line of adorable baby clothes at The Monogram Shop! They are all sooooooooooo cute, i wish I had a million dollars to buy them all!!

lilshelbs lilgirl back 

June has this little decrepid old stuffed tiger that she has been carrying around all the time. She threw him out the window the other day when I was driving!


She was actually holding his tail while dangling him out the window when I took this. I didn’t realize it at the time I took the photo. It was fun pulling him out of a muddy gutter later. I will remember to take favorite toys away from the girls before rolling down windows.


Friday my students made some BEAUTIFUL art!! I want to get this collage blown up and framed I love them so much. They drew hearts with oil pastels and they all turned out very different and beautiful!! Perfect for Valentines Day!! You can see the full post on my art website



Today we spent a good deal of the morning outside. June LOVES riding her tricycle and rode it up and down the street about 900 times. These are her Nemo shoes she got from Aunt Sara that she wears every day. She insists on wearing them. I own zero orange outfits for her that match, so they are definitely a fashion statement!

trike5 trike1  IMG_6912

She is SO proud of herself that she knows how to pedal all by herself now.


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