Thursday, January 27, 2011

Winter Beach trip


These pictures I just wanted to post because they were cute and I LOVE them! Daniel, one of my students, came over Friday night and took these pics in the studio of June!  I am teaching him photography and photoshop! juniebasket punkingirl

Saturday morning we drove down to the beach to spend the weekend at Grammy and Pa’s beach House. It was relaxing and I got alot of editing work done. June still cries whenever I try to pose the two of them for a photo.


She got pretty happy when I asked her if she wanted to fly her new kite that she had been carrying around all day with sad puppy eyes asking anyone who would listen to please open it for her.

IMG_6545 IMG_6552

It was really windy and Grammy and Pa have a HUGE feild next to the house that is PERFECT for kites!! That is their house in the background.


The special thing about this day was that not only was it the first time for the girls to fly a kite, but JIMMY TOO!!  He had never flown a kite before!!


Pure joy and delight!!


Shelby just ran around all over the field the whole time giggling and eating palm leaves, dirt ,and rocks.


Look at June’s expression. Its like she’s thinking ,” Are you REALLY gonna eat that?!”


Shelby is so little and it never gets less cute watching her walk around now. It is just so strange seeing this tiny girl walking around like a little person!!



Her kite has a lizard on it and a long tail with tiny baby lizards all down the tail.

kitesky kite8 kite2 IMG_6556 kite4 kite1

This last picture is my favorite of all! June was so happy and was jumping up and down while Shelby was running in circles around her!! What a priceless moment!


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