Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Birthday Parties

WOW! So many Birthdays!

This weekend the girls had birthday party overload!


Friday we were out of school and played inside all day! Shelby LOVES cell phones!


She likes wearing her boots with jammies!


Daddy built them this playhouse that they love even though June has claimed it as her own and kicks Shelby out. She was napping when I took this pic!


My mom came over and we tried to do a Valentines photo shoot in the studio but June cried the WHOLE time!! This was the ONLY half way decent photo..


the rest looked something like this!!! I love my little strong willed toddler!!


Saturday we went to Ellie’s first birthday


Emily is such a great party planner! The cakes were SOOOO good (from Molers Bakery) and they had chicken strips from Canes and fruit and bluebell ice cream! You can see the pics at www.shelbyjunephotography.com


ellie30 IMG_7716 IMG_7721

Two Capri Sun’s are better than one!!!



Shelby is my little “Puff” I never call her by her name. She responds to Puff better. I have no idea how that started



If you wonder why there are always more pics of Shelby it is because June NEVER looks at the camera. She is very hard to photograph! Here she is playing with Ellie’s train!


Then we went to Claire’s birthday party! She turned three! I cannot believe it! Here’s Sophie and Joe!


Claire had so much fun at her party! I love this pic of Chris with ALL his babies going down the giant slide!!

claire2 claire

This was the first time Shelby REALLY enjoyed the Jumpy Place since she can walk now!! She was all over the place!


June likes to hoard the balls and throw them at daddy!!

IMG_7888 IMG_7896

KK and Shelby in deep conversation!


Junie played so hard! She was drenched in sweat by the time we had to go to the party room to eat!


When we got home the girls were already asleep so we put them down for a nap at 5:15. They NEVER woke up until the next morning!! I guess their tummys were full of Canes, fruit, pizza, cake and ice cream and they just called it a night. It was nice to relax and watch the Super Bowl with babies sleeping. (Not that I actually watched the game, I am not into football) but it was a relaxing evening.


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