Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Happy Valentine’s Day to my sweet wonderful husband! I LOVE you so much, Jimmy! I am so lucky to be married to this man. I am so blessed because of you!!

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Yesterday I came home with the girls after work, and we made Valentines! Shelby ate some paint, true to form.


But she liked scribbling around her hand prints for Daddy!


June really got into decorating. As she is getting older, she is much more able to do things which makes craft time fun. I put glue dots all over her painting and a handful of buttons, and she put a button on each glue dot very carefully. She kept asking for more.

puff8 puff7

Shelby is sneaky. She likes to go in the bathroom and drop things in the toilet. Jimmy found her entire blanket stuffed in there last weekend. Mostly I find passys, and small toys floating.  She also likes to terrorize June. She likes to take things away from her to get a reaction.


These pics are kind of blurry but they depict the sinister sneaky side of my Puff. Look at the eyes. She sees June proudly admiring her finished artwork, and plans the attack. Hand perched innocently on the edge of the high chair, slowly moving towards the artwork…


Then out of nowhere SNATCH!! so quickly she didn’t see it coming. Then there is the ten second tug of war and screaming session…


AAAAaaaaaand she takes it, mission accomplished. And June starts crying out of control….as I sit and snap away with the camera, it enhances her furry!! Until I get it back and give them both a sucker.


Jimmy came home and brought me the BIGGEST SUPRISE EVER!!! Yes….that is a REAL computer in that Dell box!! Along with dinner from my favorite place, and that ginormous box of chocolates HELLO chocolate!! I am pretty overwhelmingly excited!!! I finally have my very own computer!! Thank you Thank you Thank you my sweet!!

puff5 puff4

Nanny and Grandpa came over and brought the girls some sweet treats!

puff2 puff3

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!


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