Sunday, January 24, 2010

Keosha's Cheer Competition....Disaster

Saturday we went to Keoshas National Cheer competition at the Reliant Arena. At first everything was going great other than June thinking the music was too loud, then...

Keosha landed from a jump and hurt her knee really bad. She was on the ground and crying (the girl is tough so I knew she was hurting to see her crying. The worst thing was that I didn't even see her since my eyes were in the camera and everyone kept dancing and just left her there crying. You can see her on the left side of the picture on the ground. This picture BREAKS MY HEART!!

The dr. at the competition said she hyperextended her knee-cap. Luckily she was able to limp out and nothing was broken. She was pretty upset and in alot of pain though.

I was so proud of my Keke. I have been mentoring this child since she was 4 years old, and she has grown up to be such a sweet mature young lady who loves the Lord, is extremely motivated to succeed, and has compassion for others. She was more upset that she had let down her team than she was about her extremely painful leg injury. She is in 7th grade and plays every sport AND plays the flute in the band(first chair) AND cheerleading! On top of that she makes all A's and is in all pre-AP classes earning credits towards high school. I have to brag on this girl because she really works hard to be the best at everything she does. She is the star of her basketball team, and even has high school coaches watching her play who want her on their team!!! She has been in the newspaper for Bryan/College Station many times for scoring over 20 points in a game. I love her so much and my heart swells with pride like she were my own daughter.

Beautiful girl!! (inside and out)

When we were leaving there was this lady with a cage full of these tiny baby goats that you could pet and hold. They were so cute and June loved them!

June was running around everywhere and Jimmy just chased after her the whole time. She was showing off her dance moves to the cheerleaders! She was like "Oh yeah you can cheer but can you drop it like its hot?!"

We love you Keke!!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fun Girls Day

This morning we woke up and as I fed my Shelby Grace, June decided to feed herself some Formula. I thought it was pretty funny so I took a few pics, she eats everything. Then Sara called and told us to come over. We went straight there in our pajamas, ate some pancakes, and had a fun girls play day! June ended up naked after covering her jammies in syrup. The girls played while Sara and I had some much needed adult contact. It is really fun that we are both on maternity leave.

Claire loving on tiny girl Caroline!

Claire is totally consumed with Caroline. She wants to be all over her 24/7!! She wants to kiss her and put her sunglasses on her and lets just say she REALLY loves her sissy!!

Okay I am so in love with this baby!! She makes me smile even when I am dead tired at 4am and she is so awake and happy that it seems she cannot keep the excitement inside her. She breathes really fast and makes these sniffing noises with her arms flying around everywhere and looks right at me and smiles. My heart melts into a puddle and I have to make-out with her for awhile. Kisses sweetness,my adorable Shelby Grace!!

Shelby wasn't too excited about her bath

But she was totally into the warm after party. She looks like a little newbornMother Teresa contemplating on bringing warm towels to babies in a third world country.

She has really tiny hands!


Forget the door, havn't you ever seen Dukes of Hazard?!

"June I'm gonna tell you a little're feet stink. I'm gonna help everyone out and get those socks off you so we can all breathe a little easier around here,k"

"June, this is how you pat the baby's head. I will teach you how to be a big sister, learn from the pro!"

Claire- "I have everything under control here. I am the big sis...just sit back and relax everyone"

Who needs toys when we can entertain ourselves with a laundry and out, in and out

My beautiful niece, Claire Charlotte!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mom of two!

This week was a milestone for me as a mom. My mom went back to work and I had the girls alone for the first time. It was really chaotic and fun. I am completlely exhausted! June is such a sweet baby girl, and she keeps me very busy. Shelby is also a very good girl and sleeps most of the day still/ June is 18 months now and learning so much. She wants to sleep with mommy and daddy because she sees Shelby in our room. She has been very cuddly lately. I tried to take pictures of them together but June wasn't into that. She didn't want anything to do with Shelby!

Today was my first time to take both of my girlies out! We went to visit Sara and Grammy. Shelby looks so giant next to baby Caroline even though they are only eight days apart and Caroline was only 2 weeks early. Caroline is so precious and tiny like a doll.

June had to get a shot at Shely's two week appointment so she got a baby doll as a prize from mommy and daddy. She LOVES this doll and takes her everywhere. She likes to do what mommy does, so her baby gets diaper changes and has dried milk all over her face from June taking Shelby's bottles and trying to feed them to her. She was laughing at Elmo here, she loves Sesame Street! I like it too...

I am in heaven taking care of my two angels! It is so much fun getting to see them every morning even when I am dead tired from all the night time feedings. I am blessed beyond words.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Priceless Moments

We have had such a busy week. Thank you sooooo very much to all my friends and family who have come to visit us and brought gifts and food and for all your love and support through the time I have been on bedrest! I am so thankful to have such wonderful friends and family and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate everything!!!!
Tuesday, Sara had an emergency c-section and we all welcomed baby Caroline Louise 5lb 7oz She is so tiny and cute. Shelby looks huge next to her! Mommy and baby are doing great though!

June loves her sister. She likes to give her kisses all the time! It makes my heart smile when she says "Sissy" Shelby is such a good baby. She sleeps, eats and poops. I hold her in my arms all night...literally, she prefers to sleep in my arms than the bassinet!

June loves to come in my room and wake her up and take her passy. Yes, that is a newborn passy in June's mouth.

She is very good about throwing diapers in the trash and she says the word "trash" all the time. She likes to help, but mostly she likes to dump all her toys on the floor and make huge messes and get into anything she is not supposed to. It keeps me very busy!

Sweet kisses!!

Today Lindsay and Cooper came over to play. Cooper is going to get a sister in 2 days!! June actually plays with Cooper now, but mostly she likes to tell him "No no" and shake her finger at him like she does with the dogs.

She LOVES Lindsay!

They took turns kissing the baby!

They had a snack and then later ate lunch on June bug's new picnic table!

Cooper is good at sharing!

Cooper also likes to kiss June! He even puts his hand on the back of her head, its really precious!

I am so happy and blessed.