Sunday, February 27, 2011

Beach Weekend

Friday I got the girls this water table at Goodwill. It has little boats and rocks and all it entertained them for over an hour which is the important part!


…until an argument over a certain small tub, which brought the water on a trip to the garage followed by two screaming babies who did NOT want the fun to end.

They didn’t realize it was only the beginning! A few hours later we took June to see her first movie, Gnomeo and Juliet. It was cute and she did sooooo good. Other than a few sudden outbursts of random laughing during a sad scene and a short crying spell when she dropped some of her skittles, she did awesome!!


Saturday I cooked us banana pancakes and then we went o Galveston! We went to the beach for a little while, but it was kinda cold. After baths, Jimmy cooked us spaghetti for dinner. June ate none but enjoyed a snack pack for dessert (don’t judge me) Shelby  is our little voracious eater. She ate all of her spaghetti, and part of June’s, and all her green beans too!



Shelby is ALL over the place! At one point I found her covered in chocolate with a snack pack in her hand….that she found in the trash from the night before. She looked at me as if to say “ I know eatin from the trash ain’t good for your health but this big round belly aint gonna grow itself!” She likes to put things in the trash and in the potty. We found my cell phone in the trash before we left today! She is adorable and starting to say lots of new words like baby, nanny, beach, fumble, and sissy



Daddy caught a flounder Sat. night and the girls loved touching it and exploring it with all five senses!




ready to go to the beach!!!






playing around after baths and eating lunch..clothes are optional when you’re at the beach!



drawing….and drinking the auquadoodle marker


monkey see monkey do!!


WOOHOOOOOOOO!!!!!! with her saggy diaper and dorito cheese on her chest!!


I think these pics acurately depict the girls personalities. I will leave you with the pic below I took tonight after dinner. I liked the post- ponytail wave (shout out to Ayah Love), chocolate popsicle splatter face, runny nose, and popsicle stick! I thought this one will be great to show to her high school crush a ways down the road!!