Monday, February 22, 2010

First Weekend at the Beach


This weekend was the first weekend at Grammy and Pa’s new beach house. It turned out to be yucky weather and we never actually made it to the beach, but the kids had a blast anyweays! The tiny girls ate, slept and got passed around all weekend. Here they are chill’n in the bouncy together. Below you can see little Shelby Grace bundled in a sweat shirt. It was really cold Saturday.


bundle playing

The cousins had fun playing with toys, riding on fish…





jumping on the bed…




sleeping in…

happysleeper snuggling….


being ridiculously cute…


mining for gold…


more snuggling…

aunt sara

and hanging out doing nothing.


Caroline is getting bigger and taller. She was such a happy little nugget!


Celine came up on Sunday for awhile, and Soph napped almost the whole time. She is on a schedule…unlike the rest of us.


The babies absolute favorite thing was running up and down the deck.


They ran back..


Hurry up Junie!!!…


…and forth, over and over, and over, and over, and they all slept nice and sound the entire way home!

running2 The boys went fishing Saturday night and caught two flounder. They were very excited about the big boat Walter just bought and can’t wait to break it in and drop some lines in the bay with one of their billion choice lures and new poles.  We are really excited about the fun times to come, and cannot wait to go back on a pretty weekend for some beach fun.


Friday, February 19, 2010

Valentines and Last Days with my girls

beans June has been choosing her food lately. They say that toddlers should have choices. June chose ranch style beans and cherios. At least she got her protein.

boogerbaby edit1

Tuesday, Elizabeth brought her two adorable sweeties over for a photoshoot. It made me realize I need to get a babysitter during photoshoots from now on. I used to just schedule them while June was asleep…never again.

edit12edit14 edit8 IMG_2930 girls

June likes to put Shelby in her baby doll stroller and push her around! Shelby LOVES this surprisingly.


When June realized Shelby was getting attention from this (the camera) she was done. You can see her walking away and leaving her in the kitchen!

IMG_2804 IMG_2807

June doesn’t like photo shoots now. I was only able to make her smile after I took out the puppets and made them eat my hair.


Yesterday Huong and Caleb came over for a little playdate. June was really shy until Caleb started touching her toys…then she showed him who was boss in this house!

huong caleb

Tuesday I am returning to work. I am really going to miss my mornings with the girls. I am very blessed though because my mom recently quit her job so that she could come to my house and watch the girls!! They are going to miss me, but LOOOOVE their time with Nana. Shelby has been a little fussy lately because she has some reflux. We are going to the doctor this morning. Other than that she is doing good, growing and happy. Doesn’t she have the cutest pouty face!!


Saturday, February 13, 2010

All Smiles

wow TWO BLOGS in ONE day, this is unprecedented!! I have been at home most of the day with the babies, just enjoying our Saturday in pajamas.

This morning we bought a new kitchen table….I love it! table


Shelby Grace is FULL of smiles and she makes the cutest little coo’s when she is happy!! Here are a few smiles I caught on camera!!




Whenever June is near, this is her reaction. It is so stinkin cute to see how she watches June and smiles. June was telling her “No, mine!” in this picture, but Shelbs was just smiling and talking away like a 10 yr old at a slumber party! It is reeeaaallly sweet!

shelby3 shelby1 IMG_2649 IMG_2650 IMG_2750 punkijune IMG_2740


Today Grammy brought everyone a Valentine gift! June got a princess purse with a dress and some candy. what is better than a purse full of candy!!?

IMG_2744 IMG_2729

February Times


This week I have my student Daniel over a few times to work on a painting to enter in the Annual SPA Visual Art contest that he won last year. He is an amazingly gifted child and I feel so privileged to be a part in nurturing his talent. He drew this entirely free hand and spent countless hours painting. The theme of the contest was “Illuminate your Dreams; Beyond Your Own Cityscape” Shelby was watching in this pic. June really liked flirting with Danny who she calls “Deedee”

IMG_2510 dreaming awake IMG_copy2356

June has been a busy girl! We got her a training potty and this is how I found it one morning. June ripped up the cushioned seat, stuffed a piece in her baby’s mouth, and stuffed the baby in the hole. Maybe she wanted me to think the baby doll ruined the seat.

Yesterday I found her in the kitchen, eating out of the trash can.


Then she took three spoons out of the dishwasher, lined them up in her baby buggie and pushed them around saying “two tee” which means one-two-three. I couldn’t be mad at her after I heard her counting! Thanks Sesame Street! She even said “tee poon” which translates from Juney vernacular to english: “three spoons”


Shelby Grace is a happy little 6weeker. She has started to smile at you and coo. She gets a little fussy in the evenings, but the doctor said it was reflux and gave us some medicine. She is up to 10 1/2 lb now

IMG_2644 copy IMG_2583 copy

She is very strong and can easily hold her head up. She likes to be a part of the action, and her little eyes follow June around wherever she goes!

IMG_2629 copy

At night she will quickly go from cute happy little Shel-fish….to…..


Cry baby mad screamy girl in seconds. She constantly wants mommy to hold her and is perfectly happy in my arms till the moment I put her down, and the screaming starts again. I think she’s gonna be a mama’s girl for sure!

IMG_2549 copy

Her little mad face sniffy cry is actually really cute, though. I have to laugh sometimes at the funny little expressions ths girl has!

I am really feeling sad that I am going to have to leave the girls soon, but at the same time it is a blassing that my mom is going to take care of the girls till summer and the fact that I really love my job, I am very blessed!!!