Saturday, May 15, 2010

Summer is almost here!


What do you do when the sun comes out?

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June has had a vocabulary explosion the past few weeks. She is saying short sentences like “whu daddy go? and “unt this!” and “Junie funny” She likes to dance, loves being outside in the water, cookies, avocado, cheesy tortillas, and being rocked before bed with a song( but she cuts you off half way through your song to say “okay nigh nigh ready”while pointing to her bed). She loves being with mom, but won’t call her Nana, she calls her “Mom!” She is also obsessed with Nemo.


On Mother’s Day, Shelby was dedicated at church. It was also pastor Rodney’s last day. He is moving to Singapore to be a pastor of an international church. It was an emotional service and we will all miss him greatly. He knew my grandpa, and did his funeral, he baptized Jimmy and I, married us, and has been there through every season of our marriage. He is an incredible person and pastor.

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I love my mom so incredibly much. It has been so much fun the past few years being mother’s together. She is the most giving, loving, fun, always joyful, sacrificial, best friend any girl could ever dream of!

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Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!


Jimmy and I had our 4th Anniversary on the 13th. We went to dinner, and watched a movie while the girls spent the night with Nana! It was nice to have a break, but I was so happy to see the girls the next day when I stopped by my mom’s house on the way to work! It has been a VERY eventful and blessed 4 years.


Junie had to go to the doctor, so Nana took her to Petco, for a treat to get a “Nemo” koi fish. We put it in the fountain outside. Last night we were looking at the rain out the window and saw Nemo flopping around in the grass because his fountain had overflowed. I went out to save Nemo and got soaked. He is living in a temporary bowl inside now.

June likes to take baths with sissy now and it is so cute!



Friday was field Day at school. It was fun and the kids had a blast. I shot some pics of some of my favorites. These twins are very close to my heart and I could just take them home. They are rough, bossy, adorable, extremely talented, little angels. They are my helpers because they tell the other kids what to do and the kids listen to them. They say, “Put those crayons away, wipe off your table, HEY throw that AWAY, or didn’t you listen to Mrs. Waggenspack, she told you to paint this, go back to you seat and finish!”

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My mom brought the girls up to school. They were in their Aggie best for the favorite college or sports team theme.


I really wanted one of the three of them but June was looking att the kids playing on the field and wanted to go go go. My mom was trying to get her to stay put and smile and Shelby’s like “seriously!?”


June called Shelby Nemo. I think she was referring to the anemone on her head! Thats my sassy little glamour girl!


I love this shot of mom and Shelbs!

June enjoyed a field day pickle,


visiting Juanita’s daughter (her best friend)


painting pictures in my classroom,


and playing with crayons.

Shelby had her four month check up and she is in the 95th percentile for height, 30% for weight, and weighed in at 13 lb She is my sweet happy girl!

It was a really fun day! Today Marcus and Brooke came in town, so I will post that later. We had fun tonight hanging out at Nana and grandpa’s with Marcus and Brooke and had a delicious meal of lasagna and homemade bannana pudding!mmmmmmm


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