Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day


EARLY morning at the beach!

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June could live on the beach. Just give her a chair, a capri-sun, and some Michealina’s frozen fettuccini dinners  and the girl would stay there forever!


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sport’n her new suit!


with bottoms that were a wee bit loose for my tiny girl!


Claire is so sweet to her now and loves to play with June.


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Claire is potty trained now and June was very interested in the new addition to the bathroom. A frog training potty. June was in there watching Claire every time she went and when Claire shut the door June would lay on the floor with her mouth against the crack and yell “HEy, Wha do’in?”   “you poo-poo’n?” Heeeeeeeyyyyyyy!!” “Junie see??”….yes thank you Elmo for teaching my daughter to speak in third person, and thank you Claire for making Junie excited about potty training.


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My niece is so beautiful and sweet! I just love her!


Corbin and Claire really like babies. They are good helpers with baby Caroline and love holding and playing with Shelby, can you please rub off of your cousin Junie??

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The tiny girls slept under our Aggie tent enjoying the breeze! This picture just needs a tiny bottle of  Corona with a nipple on it….and milk inside of course..IMG_0507

June loves sharks and saw a shark kite and was sort of infatuated. She couldn’t take two steps without stopping, looking, pointing, and saying “shawk kite, yook” (look at the shark kite)


Hmm future Aggie?!



Hullabaloo Kanek Kanek!! Whoooop!



sun bathing


Happy Memorial Day!

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edit4 edit7 edit9 It took June nine months to get teeth and my Shelby Grace only five! HELLO teething, drool, and solid food!!

Gymnastics are fun!

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June climbed into the pack and play this morning and wanted to play (mostly torture) with sissy for a few minutes! so adorable!

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I hope you thoroughly enjoyed this blog because this is what I found when I finished writing it!! No wonder I kept hearing the words, “straw”  “pop” and “candy treat”


She was so proud of her mess.


eeeww paper in my mouth!  she must have tried each one after peeling off the wrapper in suspense, hoping the next would taste like the popsicle it is!


It’s okay though, she “put back”


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Summer, Justin, Blake, and Sutton said...

I love all the beach pics too! You are so good!!!
And the "popsicle" pics are HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!