Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sand,Sun, Sleep…. Repeat

The title of this post pretty much sums up our weekend. Here’s some pics!


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punkin precious angel


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IMG_9817 IMG_9687


June doesn’t exactly play with Shelby yet. I think a better description would be intensely curious exploration of boundaries and limits. Kind of similar to when I was younger and my brother would preface our playtime with “Does this hurt? or Can you still breathe?"

IMG_9770 IMG_9778

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Before we went to the beach I tried again for the coveted, “swimsuit together pic” unsuccessfully. Something about sitting next to sissy and the camera make her fall apart quick. I pulled out all the big time treats on this one and even had a fake crying meltdown myself to try to get a sympathy picture, with no luck. She just stared at me. She was probably thinking what one of my second graders said when I was giving example mom reactions to well written mother’s day cards last week. Most kids laughed as I pretended to cry as I read a sweet card and this one student says, “Wow Mrs. Waggenspack, you should put that on youtube!”


sweet shrimp

We napped ALOT this weekend. It was probably 2% beach 10% eating and 88% sleeping….seriously. Shelby still sleeps in the miracle blanket. It is getting kind of small (her feet don’t stay inside) but she loves being swaddled!

edit3 IMG_9844


She always wakes up HAPPY!!edit2


Shelby’s milstone this weekend was getting her foot into her mouth. Last week she learned how to hold her foot. Now she likes to put it in her mouth. If she’s anything like her sister she’ll still being doing this at 22 months old!!MAY2010 197

She thinks Shelby’s feet taste good too!

MAY2010 208 sweetness edit5

cheeeeese angel tooshie tgif skrimp Keep forgetting to post these. They are from a few weeks ago when we swam in the backyard! Love that baby Shelby Grace face!

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Barrow Family said...

OMG! Adorable. I loved my feet too when I was a kid.... I liked everyon'e feet in the family. Looks like Junie takes after Aunt Sunny... Glad you guys had funa t the beach! I am looking forward to all the kids playing!