Thursday, May 27, 2010

Floss’n the New Double Stroller and June’s New Room


Yesterday we took the girls to the mall to break in our new double stroller! I LOVE it. I have never had love for a stroller before, but I feel so enabled now with it. It is super easy to open and close, and very very lightweight!

IMG_0153 IMG_0139 copy


June rode the carosel with Nana for the first time. She was a little unsure at first. When we first walked in I asked her if she wanted to ride it and she said”No” without hesitation. Then she changed her mind when she saw other little kids on it. She was amazed and really loved it.

carosel2 carosel3

carosel IMG_0117 copy


Baby Gap had these swimsuits marked down and I simply could not resist the pink cheetah spots! Brightly colored animal print baby clothes are like my cat nip, I was so giddy when I saw the pink spots, cheetah crop top, ruffles combo!! I also happen to find teeny tiny swimsuits and tiny shoes an irrisitable thing. Secretly, I had a bag of some really cute baby girl things  including a baby gap teddy bear Halloween costume, baby girl Aggie onsie, tiny pink converse , and frilly socks that I bought before I even married Jimmy that I collected in college in hopes that one day I would have a baby girl to put them in. It is rediculous, I know. I am even guilty of buying baby shower gifts and ending up keeping them because they were so cute (before I was even married)!! If anyone in this world wanted babies more than anything since the third grade, it was me. All my dogs wore baby clothes at some point. I love my babies!!!!

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June likes to compose and sing songs about things that make her happy. The song will go “ nigh-nigh mommy, nigh nigh Daddy, nigh nigh sissy” or it might be “passy passy passy passy is gooooood!” She sings from the heart. She has alot of soul!


IMG_0168 copy

Shelby still adores her sister and watches her every move. Even if its a hand moving towards her with a toy in it about to clock her in the head!


 IMG_0172 copy

She loves to suck on her toes now!


June slept in her new fish room for the first time Tuesday night! She did so good!! I am so proud of my girls! Can’t wait for this weekend!

angel sissy sassy  newroom3newroom newroom2

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