Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekend in Austin


This weekend we went to Austin to celebrate Marcus’s birthday, Dad’s birthday and Father’s Day. We went out to eat at this awesome restaurant called the Oasis. If you have never been there it is quite an experience! It seats over 2400 people! There are 900 tables! When we got there and I saw cars parked over a mile away from the restaurant, I was thinking uuummmmmm I think we should try another place there is gonna be a monster LONG wait!!


Turns out there wasn’t a wait, only a line to be seated as they filled this giant place up!! It was AWESOME. There are beautiful fountains, iron sculptures of people and animals, and beautiful flowers everywhere you turn. There are so many levels, and balcony’s I couldn’t even count!

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When you arrive at your table you are blown away by the veiw of Lake Travis in front of you. There are huge fans with misters to keep you cool and literally a sea of brightly colored umbrellas everywhere!

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June doesn’t like to sit at the table for very long so I took her to the gift shop where she got some pop rocks to keep her happy.


Shelby was such a good little baby and just got passed around . She is like a little happy baby doll, just cute and smiley all the time!


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She ate like ten pieces of ice…mmmmmm She was soaked in drool!!


After a little while they took down the umbrellas so we could watch the sunset!!


We were so amazed when we saw this airplane writing I LOVE  U and a big heart in the sky. Everyone in the whole place was watching with anticipation with each letter to read what he was writing. I have never seen anything like it before. I’m sure it was rightside up and not backwards to some special person somewhere in Austin!!

love edit12 edit13

The sunset was amazing, and when it finally went over the hill they rang this huge bell on one of the balconies!!



We went swimming in Marcus and Brooke’s neighborhood and had a blast. Then we all went to the Hula Hut.

edit17 walking

June enjoyed licking sugar packets while we waited for our food. Not such a good idea since we had a three hour car ride ahead.

sugar IMG_2072 IMG_2081

She loved walking on the dock and looking at the fishies. We had so much fun weekend! Thank you so much Brooke and Marcus for having us over and dealing with my high maintenence toddler! Ps. I owe you a new pair of sunglasses next time I see you for the ones Junie broke, Marcus!! So sorry bout that, bro!


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