Friday, June 18, 2010

Love Me Some Babies!


We have had SUCH a busy week! Wednesday, we went to Spring to visit my Aunt Debbie and cousins, Hannah and James and see their NEW house!


June really enjoyed playing with the kids and especially their little dog JJ!


Yesterday we went to the Spring Branch Vines Science Center. It was so fun and June saw sharks, fish, a HUGE polar bear, a HUGE lion, tigers,and tons of other animals (all REAL dead and stuffed) but she thought they were alive so its all good! I will have to take pictures next time we go. We went out to eat with Colleen, Mrs. Quirke and Molly and Web at Skeeters.

IMG_1848 copy spaceball2

Yes both my babies drink a milk bottle before bedtime!!

IMG_1852 IMG_1856

Daddy comes over after work to help bathe them and tuck them into bed. We miss Daddy ALOT!!! The house should be finished tommorrow WHEW!!!!


June LOVES her bath and often gets dirty just so she can take a bath. She calls it “swimming”

IMG_1870 june2

My sweet girl is very addicted to her passy. She takes it “swimming” with her too!



Today we had a fun fun fun playdate with all of June’s cousins and friends at WonderWild!!


June hiding in the big cheese!!


There is a hugs play structure, a big bouce pillow thing, an inflatable slide, and all kinds of things to climb on and play with. It is very toddler and baby friendly! I really love that there is ART EVERYWHERE!! It is exactly how I would design my ideal toddler/small child dream play place! June could just live here!

IMG_1899 cheeseyy IMG_0499 tunnel jumping pillow

Baby Caroline had fun watching the big kids play!! Shelby Grace stayed home with Nana, so I got some one on one time with my BIG girl!!

Lomo (Original)

Corbin loves playing with June and helped her climb the big slide and they played in the cheese too

IMG_1907 copy

Sophie had her birthday party here last week. She is the sweetest girl and gives hugs and kisses on demand. June just pushed her away!

IMG_1919 copy IMG_1911 copy IMG_1923

“Sit down Mommy”

IMG_1926 copy

June did not do well waiting in line to ride this train, but when she finally got a turn, she really really liked it until some little boy slammed into the back of her going super  fast. I had a few choice words with the unruly toddler and kind of scared him away. June said ” HEEEEY TAKE IT EEEAAASSSY” I taught her that (We like Nacho Libre)IMG_1934 copy

This is Adriana, junie’s new BFF!! She is moving into our neighborhood this week and we are so excited that Joseph, Lisbeth,and sweet girlie are gonna be our neighbors in a few short days!!! I smell a BBQ!!!

IMG_1937 copy

June LOVED snacking the whole time we were there. She loves to play with Cooper and her first words when we got in the car were “Where Cooper go??”  IMG_1947 copy

And of course I got to love on SWEET Camilla Rose! She is so yummy and edible and snugglicious!!

IMG_1943 copy


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