Tuesday, June 15, 2010

This week in Waggenspackland


Goodmorning summertime!! Take your shoes off and stay awhile!!

Some people say you aren’t supposed to put a baby to bed with pillows and blankets, well, we break the rules over here! The girls and I have just made ourselves at home here at Nana and Papa’s house while Jimmy stays back at the crib to man the fort. Our house is being remodeled, so we are sort of misplaced right now! June always asks us to make a  “house” when we put her under the covers in bed. Dad built her this nice “house” and she has been playing in it for two days.


June has been “helping” out Nana in the kitchen and really enjoys it!



We made catfish yesterday and June was thrilled when Nana let her HOLD THE RAW FISH! It was a special treat for her and she said “Daddy fish” since he lets her touch his catch every time at the beach. She loves to eat fish and thinks ALL fish are “Daddy’s fish”

IMG_1737 IMG_1739 copy

Shelby just started eating baby food this week and she is doing so good. When we first put it in her mouth, she just stared at us in shock!


She was not sure what to think, but she was curious and wanted more


When she got a good mouthfull, the tanginess was a bit of a surprise! She made some pretty cute faces!


When she gets worked up, her stork bite on her forehead gets really red across her eyebrows. She had a full on Freda Kahlo by the third bite!

IMG_1753 IMG_1755

By the sixth bite, she had decided this was alright. She spit most of it out the first few times, but today she ate a whole jar, no problem! She got it down pretty quick!


She lets you know she is finished when she starts blowing bubbles in it and spit splattering it everywhere!!


She really enjoyed sucking on the spoon afterwards too!



Do I ever get tired of taking pictures of my girls….never. Can I ever pass up a chance for a photoshoot when someone gives me a crazy new baby hat, NEVVVEERRRRRR!!!IMG_1827 copy IMG_1824 copy IMG_1808 copy IMG_1801 copy

AAAANNNNND… I’ll end this post with a little wet tee-shirt photo…I’m sure you can guess, it’s not water….


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look at shelby's teeth!!!! i love them both!!