Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Love'n the black background!

Nana Love'n

My baby and my sweet Momma!!!

Tonight I tried a black background shoot and they turned out great! I only got a few shots before she peed all over the backdrop, but it was worth it.

I will be doing free photo sittings for the next few weeks to build my portfolio. If you are interested or know someone who is interested in a free session with up to 35 images email me natty241@hotmail.com


Barrow Family said...

When we come on Sun you will get your two hardest clients ever!! Corbs and Claire are ready for some picture taking fun. Maybe we can do one of the whole fam! It all depends if I actually have make up on and do my hair that day

Brewer Fam said...

These look great. She looks like she is floating :)

Brewer Fam said...

BTW you can pratice on my kiddos. Let me know what works for you... They are big time shutterbugs

|*Keosha*| said...

Ha.... naked babies are soooo the best especially This little kiddster bug..Your pictures are coming out great you are doing a great job your self...
{~key chain}

UltimateTeacher said...

Where did you get the idea to do this??? I'm sure you'll find a lot of success with this. Hey you should make some business cards and place them by the maternity wards....tons of potential clients there...ha!!!

Adriana can't wait till you take her picts!!!