Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sickness and new Attitude

Friday night Jimmy and I went to see the African Children's Choir from Uganda sing. It was sooooo great. They sang so beautiful and danced like nothing else Woah it was really amazing! When they passed the offering plate June grabbed onto it and wouldn't let go. The usher was pulling it trying to get it away from her. When the he finally got it she swiped a quick grab with her tiny hand and pulled out a huge handful of cash! We were embarrassed and laughing until she got mad when we took it away, and had to create a quick diversion with one of the offering envelopes out of the back of the pew.

After that I started feeling bad. I barely slept that night and woke up with a fever and bad stomach and headache. Jimmy had to take care of June all weekend since I was sick. June was up all night Saturday night screaming and grumpy all day yesterday and today. It made me so sad to hear her cry and not be able to hold her in fear of getting her sick. She has this new attitude that I have never seen. If you walk by her and you don't pick her up, she will start screaming. If she is playing with a peice of paper (her favorite) and you take it away, she will throw a fit and scream. This is new for us. Here she is playing in her jump jump. She likes it for about 15 minutes, then its time for the next toy.

Here is an example, tonight I was feeding June a bannana. She took the peel and started to chew on it. When I noticed she was biting peices off, I took it out of her mouth. I didn't even take it away from her just pulled it out of her mouth...

This was June's reaction when I took the bannana out of her mouth. I have never seen her throw a fit of anger quite like this. Her face turned bright red and she was absolutely silent for about ten seconds and then this bloodcurtling scream, heard from miles away came out of her mouth!!

GIVE IT BACK TO ME NOW her eyes seemed to say as the tears streamed down (she hardly ever cries tears)

Then as if she had dual personalities, suddenly she saw a diversion, a spoon, WOW A SPOON!

Happy again!!! Just like that!

After a few minutes the spoon was old...and she started getting sleepy. She rubbed her eyes and her whole face with spoon in hand, let go of the spoon, and just like that....

she's upset again! You can see the spoon still under her chin. It has been quite a weekend. She is asleep now and I pray will stay asleep all night. Hopefully we will be able to recover this week!

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UltimateTeacher said...

I love how you were able to capture a full cycle of june's emotions. How did the whole episode take? I think Adriana now senses when I have the camera out, and she stops what she was doing. Oh well....