Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I LOVE monchichi's! Does anyone else in this world remember these little fluffy headed adorable monkey toys with thumb sucking action and adorable plastic hands and feet, button noses, and unproportionately large fiveheads (instead of a "four"head)?They kind of look like my friend Jessica when she was a baby. Please comment if you ever had one! When I was little I had two of them and I absolutely loved them and carried them everywhere with me. I even had monchichi paper dolls. I was lucky enough to score a monchichi at the mall a few years ago and now I get so excited whenever I see one that I have to buy it!! Yesterday I found a monchichi on the clearance table at Randall's (random) with all the old christmas icing, resealed boxes of who knows what and damaged can goods. I couldn't believe my eyes only $2.00!!! WOOOOW I'm just glad that I have a kid now and I actually have a reason to buy stuff like this and blame it on her....this was her...ummm...happy 7 month birthday gift yeah its her 7 month birthday today!!! HAppy 7 months June!!!!


|*Keosha*| said...

HA June is one of the most luckiest babies a monthly birthday i wish i had

Brewer Fam said...

OMG--- I want ONE ! I used to have one and I lost it!

UltimateTeacher said... crazy are you now??? Monchici...are you kidding me!!! Poor june...I can see her in future saying "mom, what were you thinking??". lol...

Hopefully adriana won't go through anything like that.