Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

I had a great Thanksgiving break. Junie was so happy to see Keke! We have SO much to be Thankful for!!  I will write more later, I have been SO BUSY the past few weeks with editing photos from weddings and doing photo shoots for Christmas cards. Here are a few of my babies and my cousins! Also, of my bff Jill, my brother and his wife, and my Keke!

1_edited-1 2 3

My Keke


My cousins4 7 9_edited-1 11 12 5 8

Sis in law, Brooke




BFF since 5th grade, Jill

11 12 10

My bro and Brooky

13_edited-1 15w


Brooke, seriously, you are so beautiful!! I didn’t photoshop you at all!!!

19 6 IMG_8198

Shelby Grace punkin face!




cousin Hannah


Auntie Sara


Uncle Leeeeeee




Nanny 21

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dear Shelby

Dear Shelby,

You are growing up WAY too fast for mommy! I am listening to you talk right now upstairs in your crib and it is the cutest thing ever. You like to say “Mama” mostly and sometimes “Dada.” You are a total mama’s girl and I Love it! I just went and got you out of your rib and you were so happy to see me! I am holding you in my arms right now as you drink your baba. You drink it in 1.5 minutes….so fast! You have 6 teeth now and like eating beans, tortillas, bananas, chicken sticks, and yesterday an M&M for the first time. You had green drool and savored it in your mouth and all over your shirt. You are beautiful and sweet. You don’t let just anyone hold you, but you smile at everyone. You crawl FAST, and you stand up unassisted. You have taken one step and it made mommy cry! We pray together every night. Mommy always prays that you will grow up to be obedient, strong and healthy, know Jesus, and love others. I also pray for God to give me wisdom to  take care of you, precious little one. He entrusted us with you, but you still belong Him. I love you so much, Shelby Grace! Mommy thinks its cute when you stick the tip of your tongue out! You are so happy. mommy takes tons of  pics of you every day! Here are some from yesterday!1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Party Time

This weekend was birthday party themed. We went to Allison’s birthday first on Saturday at Pump it Up which June adored. She was the only misbehaved child screaming and crying for cake when all the other cute little ones were sitting nicely at the party table eating their fruit and crackers. Shelby was a perfect baby,and really enjoyed wearing holes in her little knees crawling around the bouncy houses like a hyped up chihuahua making little screams of joy the whole time.

Sunday we went to Adriana’s 2nd birthday party. She had a Kai-Lan party, which is one of June’s favorite shows. She had so much fun with her friend.


Look at this awesome cake Lisbeth MADE! She makes cakes now if you are reading this and want to order one! It was VERY delicious! She hand crafted all the little tiny flowers and it was covered with fondant!

20 IMG_5395

Shelby enjoyed her sun glasses and about four suckers!

16 17 18 15


June and Adriana chowing down on some pizza!


June started talking to Adriana about her pinata and this was Adriana’s reaction…..


…she was afraid June was gonna take her pizza!

IMG_5415 21    IMG_5471

Isn’t this the cutest pinata! June was upset when they hit it again, She offered KaiLan a bandaide after they ripped her open.

Its Tuesday now….three days later, and last night June said, “Yet’s go to Adriana’s bootday party, and the KaiLan caaaaaaake, and the ccaaaaaaanny, and piiiiiiiizza, and jeeeeeeello, and toooooys. She was naming all her favorite memories. She LOVES birthday parties!! Next weekend we’re gonna ride ponies with the cousins WOOHOO!!