Monday, November 1, 2010

Funnest Week Ever!!

Wednesday, Cooper and Camilla came over to play and take Halloween pics! We had fun playing and ate dinner together.



Friday was Fall Festival at my school. Everyone came dressed in their costumes and ready for my face painting booth!! It was fun but EXHAUSTING as I painted about 400 little faces for three and a half hours with no break! Here’s Jackie and Courtney, so cute!

IMG_4821 IMG_4825

I painted a strawberry on June’s face which she loved


Here’s June and Jessy, Juanita’s daughter, her BEST friend!!! She never wants to leave Juanita’s house every day because she wants to stay with Jessy. She cries EVERY day when I pick her up and makes Jessy carry her to my car and put her in her seat.


Daddy came and walked the girls around while I painted faces!


I Love this family. Juanita takes such good care of my babies, Jesus is so patient with June and lets her sit on his lap every morning while he eats breakfast! Jessy is June’s favorite person alive and asked me if she could live with us.

Here are of few of the ADORABLY cute faces I teach every day!! You can see butterflies were the painting of choice!

IMG_4846 IMG_4849 IMG_4852 IMG_4853 IMG_4857 IMG_4858


Saturday, we went to Briley’s birthday party. It was so much fun and June thinks it is fun to get to wear her costume and go to parties everyday!

2 1

Missy and Nathan were Edward and Bella, my favorite costume of the year. Edward was complete with glitter so he sparkled in the sun.

6 9

Shelby and Caroline showed up unexpectedly in the same costume! They were the cutest Snow whites I have ever seen!!

10 11

Here are some cute faces that I painted at the birthday party!

12 14 15_edited-1 16_edited-1

Jimmy went fishing so I got to spend alot of time with my mom this weekend. It was wonderful! June and Shelby LOVE them some Nanny time! She came to the party with us and we had such a great time!


Missy had lots of fun things for the kids to do, and Junie let me paint another strawberry on her face

IMG_4967 IMG_4904 IMG_5039 IMG_5055

Her favoritest thing was getting to drive Briley’s Barbie Jeep

IMG_5073 IMG_5045

My little strawberry princess was NOT happy about leaving, but…


She perked up pretty fast when I told her we were going out to dinner with her buddy Adriana!! “Yet’s GO Nanny!”


We went to Skeeters with Adriana, and June ate chicken strips and ran around wild with Adriana!! They just love playing together!

IMG_5116 IMG_5125 IMG_5121


Sunday we went to Aunt Sara and Uncle Chris’s house for their annual Halloween bash! As you can imagine, June is starting to think that every day is Halloween! I cannot count how many cupcakes this girl has eaten in the month of October!!


June liked getting candy from the pinata, but cried, “ Wha happen Sponch Bop?!” when they ripped Sponge Bob’s arms and legs off and tore him open to spill out the candy.

4IMG_5170   IMG_5139

Sophie was waiting so patiently for candy… while Junie…well umm


…not so patiently.

IMG_5154 IMG_5177

She only put lollipops in her bucket

IMG_5185 funtimes

IMG_5130 IMG_5143

Shelby didn’t let anyone hold her because she was a grumpy girl doped up on Benadryl because she broke out in a horrible case of HIVES Saturday and was still recuperating. She is a mama’s girl for sure!! I kind of like it…not gonna lie. I wish she would have let Aunt Brittany hold her though! Isn’t her crying face so cute!



All babies ate candy

7 8

Trick or Treat!!

5 IMG_5221

Thank you!!

IMG_5217 IMG_5251   3

IMG_5280 IMG_5265

This girl ate so much candy! We had to take the pumpkin bag away eventually and it turned into a very sad little strawberry princess who was wound up for quite awhile! I hope I am not teaching my child to be indulgent and selfish. I want her to be content in life. I think next Halloween, we will give candy instead of trick or treating. I want her to be a giving person and learn to share and love others. Well, another fun Halloween is over. Can’t wait till next year! Thanks for the super fun party, Aunt Sara! We love you!!


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McKay said...

What a fun weekend! And I totally want you to paint a butterfly on my face! They are all so cool-looking!!