Sunday, November 7, 2010

Just Playing with my Girls!

Thursday I took Junie to Goodwill to pick out an inexpensive new toy (we don’t usually buy toys) This was what she saw when we walked in. Its HUGE! Almost 8 ft tall! She HAD to have it. Mommy said yes. It turned out to be a pretty well spent $7. I even was shocked to find the thing online for $99.99!!!We cut a hole in the bottom for a door. June and Shelby have spent all weekend playing outside in the tent in this beautiful weather!

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Life is BEAUTIFUL!! I cherish every moment and never take a single breath for granted. I thank the Lord for my family and know that with His love we will get through whatever life has in store for us! I am so thankful for my family. I love how Jimmy worked so hard this year to make the grass so smooth and green, so the girls could play on it, and how he taught June the name of 4 different Gulf Coast sport fish, that she can recognize and name even before she knows her colors! I love how she runs to daddy when she’s hurt and asks for her daddy at 3am every morning and how he gets up and brings her in bed with us and falls asleep with his arms around her. I love how he catches her lizards, just because she likes it. I love how he cooks her shrimp and makes her fish just hw she likes it. I love you, Jimmy, and Happy Birthday even though it was really last week on Halloween!!


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