Monday, October 4, 2010

Fall weather weekend

Saturday, the weather was so pretty, so I put the girls in their Halloween costumes and took some pictures of them at the park. June loved seeing the fish and running through the trails at the Bird Sanctuary in her “princess suit” as she calls it


Here are a few of my favorite shots.

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June was very bossy and whiney the whole time, so i didn’t get too many smiles. She is so over the camera. This is what happened when I asked her to sit next to Shelby for a picture! She would not get anywhere near her sister!IMG_0379 IMG_0386


So then we went to CAPS to pet the puppies and kitties. June hasn’t been around too many animals, but she LOVES seeing them on tv. She was in HEAVEN here. She LOVED being able to touch all the “meow-meows” and puppies

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Daddy painted her toe nails and finger nails when we got home, to top off a fun filled afternoon!


Saturday night I practiced using my new flash. June is some how obsesed with my tripod. She pretends to take pictures like mommy!

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These pics were taken in a pitch black room with my new flash on!


Sunday, we relaxed and played outside. This looks like June is giving sister a hug, but I am not going to mislead you to think that. Really, she is trying to pull her out of the bucket by her head.  She had a time out immediatly following the photo.





The cute kissing picture above was created by a generous bribe! June really like to dance! Below is her latest dance move. It is sort of a limbo how low can you go kind of move. She is especially proud of this.


Shelby stood up unassisted two times this weekend. I was so excited!


Melissa came over with baby Jake and played with us for a while. Shelby smiles at him and he has the cutest belly laugh ever. I wish I had a video to go with these pictures!!

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Sunday night I went to the airport to pick up mom and dad from theit trip to New Mexico. They came over and ate dinner at our house. My mom’s birthday was Thursday, so it was a belated celebration!


Happy Birthday Mom!

Shelby ate ice cream for the first time and loved it of course! Look at the giant mosquito bite on her forehead!! That thing is so huge it has its own zip code!!


She wants to walk so bad!

IMG_0720 IMG_0698

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