Thursday, September 23, 2010


Every day when we come home from school the girls eat a snack. Their favorite snack is Ritz crackers with Nutella. As you can see below it is kinda messy and nutriciously deficient in so many ways!! Sometimes I have to give the girls a sink bath after their snack! They LOVE sink baths!!

 IMG_9404 IMG_9370

This picture cracks me up.. Shelby like to talk out of the side of her mouth. Its sooooo funny! I need to post a video of her in action!

IMG_9371 copy


Nutella mustache is all the rage!!


June loves her towels and like to carry them around and not wear any clothes.


They LOVE being naked right after a bath and jumping around on the couch or on my bed and screaming. It is soooooo cute!!


June likes to jump on the couch and say” I’m craaaazy!”


June was trying to help sissy get up on the couch, so she could jump with her….


She is crawling very fast now, pulling up on everything, and walking along the side of anything she can hold on to!


Sometimes when Junie is eating Shelby will crawl under her chair and June throws scraps at her. June has cheese in her hair in this picture. She likes to dip all her food in milk till its nice and soggy, squoosh it into a big ball and then eat it. She likes playing with her food and sorting it into piles before she makes the dinner ball. She is so silly.

IMG_9431 IMG_9433

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