Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Weekend


This weekend we took the girls to Grammy and Pa’s beachhouse in Galveston.


Shelby is really starting to like the beach now that she can get around and be a part of all the action! Saturday morning we took all the kids down to the beach for some fun!


Shelby and Caroline


June runs straight for the water as soon as we get there. I remember doing this when I was little. It was like I just couldn’t wait a second for my feet to make contact with the water and run in to my knees, jump, splash, repeat!!



Shelby was shoveling sand into her mouth until Grammy went bak to the house to get her passy!


Caroline was a a speed course towards the water, she would I don’t think her little hands feet stopped once the entire morning. We kept pulling her back again and again and straight back into the water she would go!



What is it about my kids and eating sand????   edit14 IMG_8526

Corbin and June had fun playing on the sand dunes


They made slides by scooting down on their bottoms…..ummm can you imagine the result of this process, two words, saggy britches!!

IMG_8661   edit16 edit15

After lunch the kids pulled out the extra mattresses and ran and jumped to their hearts delight for a good two hours!!


I love the sound of three giggling toddlers and two laughing babies, it makes my heart smile!! Life is full of simple pleasures!

IMG_8724 IMG_8735

“Hi there, pick me up!”


Sweet siblings!




Snuggle time!!


After the kids wore themselves out on the mattresses, I filled up the baby pool for more fun!

IMG_8828 IMG_8818 IMG_8811 IMG_8835 IMG_8837

The weather was soooo nice so we all sat downstairs on the patio while the kids played with chalk!

edit27  edit28


All the big kids layed down while Grammy traced them! They love being traced and decorating their outlines!


We love you Grammy!!


Shelby Loves her Aunt Sara!


Seems like she should have grown out of eating random things by age two…guess not!!


Then the kids pulled out the fish that Jimmy caught and played with them! EEEEWWW

IMG_8906 edit25

I love how Claire is in the background realizing how nasty her hands smell after holding the dead,frozen, slimy, fish.




If you look closely you can see that yes, in fact, his nails ARE painted. No comment!




Grammy marked and labeled everyone’s height on the post. Claire marked them again after that.

IMG_9013 edit29

Later that evening we went back to the beach.

edit8 editgrammy editCaroline IMG_9061      So much fun! Everyone ready for dinner?! We had such a full day at the beach. We came back yesterday, tired and ready to prepare for another long week! Thanks Grammy and PA for a fun weekend and all the delicious food!!

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