Monday, April 27, 2009

June Crawled Tonight!!!

Tonight June crawled for the first time! Jimmy and I were on the floor and she started rocking and Jimmy told me to grab the camera, and sure enough she just took off. The lighting is really bad. She was a little scared and angry because we wouldn't just carry her to the toys. It was pretty amazing! I guess its time for child-proofing the house!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Born in 2008 Playdate

Today we had the born in 2008 playdate at my house. It was so much fun and each baby got a mini photo shoot with live baby chicks and ducks!! It was sooooo much fun. Here is a sneak peek of the pics with LOTS more to come!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It's All About Teething!!

Yes, June has entered the world of teething!
Here is a list of things June likes to "teethe" on....strawberries


shoe laces,


Buddy's nose!!! I know, I wiped out her mouth really good after this happened!

June loves playing outside with Daddy. Her first word was "Da-da" and she says it every time she sees him!

She REALLY wants to crawl right now and she rocks on all fours. She can scoot around pretty good though already!

Does anyone recognize this toy? It was mine when I was little, my mom saved it all this time. The Fisher Price Farm. Jimmy had it too. It is June's favorite toy right now and the only thing she plays with besides spoons

June just started grasping things with her index finger and her thumb. Her fine mortor skills are developing!

She will scream if you try to take it away from her!

She can now grasp little peices of food,

but when she puts them in her mouth she doesn't want to let go, like a racoon.

I can't beleive my baby is growing up!! Teeth, fine motor skills, crawling....WHAT NEXT.........??

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter 2009

He is Risen!! On this day we celebrated the resurection of our precious Lord Jesus! We are so thankful that He died for us. We are so thankful that now He lives in heaven and His Spirit is in us! Thank you Jesus for your wonderful unfailing love!!
Easter Sunday we went to Sara's house for a big feast!

We had fried chicken, rolls, cole slaw, salad, fruit salad, spinach souflet, lamb, sausage, ham, rolls, mashed potatoes, black eyed pea dip cookies, pie, jello salad,and lots of easter candy!

Here's Grammy and sweet Sophie. Celine, I need a pic of you!!

Soph and Claire didn't last long in their dresses. Here's a few classic pics of Clairebee ; shoes, diaper, bow in hair, cookie in hand, wobbling across the floor 100mph with no fear and no shame for her nakedness!


Claire has three teeth and you can see another one breaking through in this pic!

June was out for the count after lunch!

Here's Claire giving her babies to June!

The Rawson's

Uncle Marcus and Aunt Brooke gave Juney this sweet Easter basket! She has enjoyed playing with all the fun toys! Nana gave her a basket too but I don't have a picture yet.

After Sara's we went to my mom's to spend time with the Federmans on Easter! My parents absolutely adore their grandaughter and June got lots of cute treats from everyone!

Here's June with B-Pa. She LOVES her grandpa and reaches to go to him whenever she sees him!

June likes to point to things now with her little finger. Here she is examining Marcus's watch and pointing to it.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Last weekend I went to Horseshoe Bay Resort for Jill's 30th birthday!! It was a blast!!

This is the Yacht Club where we had dinner, it was beautiful!!!

This is the Hotel Restaurant where we ate brunch the next day with a FABULOUS buffet with every delicious food you could imagine!
This was the hot tub!!!

This was the pool overlooking the lake; how beautiful is that. There was a little beach with bbq pits and gazebos on the lake.
We went on a bike ride around the resort. I was kind of high maintenence and needed to stop for lots of breaks. I really felt like an old woman. Here are the girls going down a big hill! I was kind of scared on this hill because I hadn't been on a bike since I was about 8.

Here's Jill when she was surprised by everyone's notes. We all wrote her a special letter of encouragement instead of gifts!

These were our treat party favor buckets, complete with candy,maps,chips,and a teeshirt with pictures of Jill on it

Happy Birthday Jill!!!!

Here is my sweet Jill. She has been my best friend 20 years!!!WOW thats so cool. We will be friends until we are old and senile....then we'll be new friends!! I love you Jill!!!