Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It's All About Teething!!

Yes, June has entered the world of teething!
Here is a list of things June likes to "teethe" on....strawberries


shoe laces,


Buddy's nose!!! I know, I wiped out her mouth really good after this happened!

June loves playing outside with Daddy. Her first word was "Da-da" and she says it every time she sees him!

She REALLY wants to crawl right now and she rocks on all fours. She can scoot around pretty good though already!

Does anyone recognize this toy? It was mine when I was little, my mom saved it all this time. The Fisher Price Farm. Jimmy had it too. It is June's favorite toy right now and the only thing she plays with besides spoons

June just started grasping things with her index finger and her thumb. Her fine mortor skills are developing!

She will scream if you try to take it away from her!

She can now grasp little peices of food,

but when she puts them in her mouth she doesn't want to let go, like a racoon.

I can't beleive my baby is growing up!! Teeth, fine motor skills, crawling....WHAT NEXT.........??


Lerin said...

Wow, what a great photo of a baby tooth breaking through! And great teething pictures... the Slinky is my favorite. I had that farm too, by the way!

Barrow Family said...

OMG.... So flipping cute! I cannot believe she is getting so big so fast!! She is so cute. I love her

|*Keosha*| said...

This is the Most Exciting thing;]
First, sitting up with keke kechain;]
now teeth;]
wow thats awesome;]
ja'riya is almost sitting up;]
yeah and shes only three months no joke;]!!!

UltimateTeacher said...

Those last pictures were not funny at all...now i'm more scared about adriana driving than anything else....hmmmm maybe crawling a bit longer isn't such a bad idea after all.

Great picts on her teething...I love how you added the arrow to show...because you know I can't see that well.