Thursday, May 7, 2009

June Louise 9 1/2 months

Yesterday I was taking pictures and June got this mischeivious look on her face. When I put the camera down she had bitten one of the rhinestones off her little tiarra and was making this face like...don't even try to take this from me. Nonetheless, she locked her jaws and put up a pretty big fuss about giving it back and I got my first painful tooth BITE!! If you click on the picture, you can see her second tooth coming in!

I cannot get enough of this face! I have never kissed somthing so much in my life as I have those cheeks!!!

June really loves reading books. Especially ones with flaps, popups and things to touch.

We read the same books every day over and over and over and she is totally engaged and cries if I stop reading. I love this picture because this is what she does....she points at everything in the book.


|*Keosha*| said...

I CanT Believe it no wait i can!
i wonder if i can teach her my dangerous cool looking bike tricks! before she turns 3! [[just kiddin]]
haha im so glad she is growing up with her great parents!!!
thanks 4 the comment and i am your girl!

Lerin said...

Love, love, love that first face!!!!