Saturday, March 20, 2010

Lots and Lots and Lots of pictures and catching up


This week has been such a relaxing Spring Break. Keosha came in town for the week and I REALLY enjoyed being with her, and having lots of help with the babies! We watched tv, slept alot, painted the mural, did crafts, and went to the mall. Yesterday I took the girls to Sara’s for Spring Break-a-palooza! Sara had a huge jump-jump for the day and the kids had a BLAST! June was in that thing for three hours running jumping and screaming!


Kelly took some awesome pics of the girls together and of me with the girls! Thanks Kelly!! June does not pose for pics with Shelby and this was the closest we got with M&M bribes. It looks like June is telling her  a secret! “ See this here, sister, this tiny circular treat has two names….M&M..and…MINE”


Shelby had fun with Aunt Celine and loved her glasses.


This is my first photo with both of my girls!! Thank you SO MUCH, Kelly!!


I love this one of me and the Shelbagirl and the one below of Sara and I, holding the tinies!

babies corby claire

Corby and Claire were very busy and I didn’t get any of Sophie. Claire was being her diva self, I love this pic, Kelly took of Clairb with my camera!!


June got her FIRST BOO-BOO! She came inside and we noticed a strawberry on her leg and she wasn’t even crying. Not sure how it happened. Aunt Sara or as June calls her now “An-Sonny” doctored it and gave her a popsicle! She adds “ny” to words she can’t say like pocket=”ponny” sprinkles=”sponny”


IMG_5001 When she laughs she says “I funny, I funny”fun

Shelby Grace is my little bundle of adorableness. She is so good and so sweet. She just chills alot in the swing while June keeps me running everywhere. I just love to hold her and make out with her all day. She coos and smiles alot now and likes to watch June. She is a good sleeper and eater. She will be three months next week.


tiny tiny2 IMG_4880sissys IMG_4944

Keke had her surgery on her knee a few weeks ago and has to wear this huge brace but she is doing really good.

IMG_4940 tinies precious airplane sweetsoilsearcher  angel) sweetpea

I tried to get some pics of the girls together, but June absolutely refused. I got one of her tush only because I threw some fruit snacks on the chair and she quickly got them and ran off.

sweetness sweeties

Sometimes a girl just needs to wear feathers on her head!


June enjoys dressing up and my friend gave me a bag of adorable dress up clothes from when her girls were little dancers. I took some pics of my dancing diva in her flapper dress and feather hat!!


This child makes every day special for me. She constantly makes me smile. Jimmy fell and hurt himself the other day and June ran over and wrapped her arms around him and started crying. It was the first time I saw her show that she understands when others hurt and she genuinely feels empathy for others. Whenever she sees me cry she will run over to me and wrap her little arms around my neck and cry real tears and say mommy mommy mommy over and over. She is such a sweet girl and I love her beyond measure.

lilsilly lil diva

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