Thursday, May 26, 2011

Meet June’s new pet, “Pwincess”

Yesterday, June got a new pet. She  resides in a small habitat filled with crickets in our kitchen. June LOVES holding her and is very gentle. She was going to be set free today, but after hearing June scream about how excited she was to hold Pwincess when we got home from Juanita’s, that I drove to Petco and dropped ten bucks on the habitat and crickets without batting an eye. Wonder how long this will last…the fish lasted about three weeks…






Monday, May 16, 2011

Spring 2011

Jimmy and I celebrated our 5th Wedding Anniversary on May13th. We had a nice dinner and got to go fishing in Galveston Saturday. I caught a weird catfish called a Gaftop and a stingray! It was so much fun. I love you so much Jimmy!!


Our Wedding Day May13th 2006

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I cannot believe it has been 5 years….it seems like 10! We have been through so much and have been so blessed! The three happiest days of my life and greatest memories fall in the last 5 years. First our Wedding Day! Then the birth of June Louise!


Then came sweet Shelby Grace, my third favorite memory!


I just love you, Jimmy! You have made my life BEAUTIFUL! Thank you Lord God  for my family and for my wonderful husband that I am crazy about! I still get excited to see you every day after work, and I still get excited to wake up next to you EVERY morning! I cannot imagine life without you, Jimmy!!



Spring Time!

Spring is in full bloom here! This is my favorite photo of my precious Shelby who is growing up so fast! She is s girly girl and likes to carry around her purse and pick out her favorite shoes. 
Her favorite words are “want dis”, “No, NO”, “Tank yeeew” and” Eat” She is a total mess! She likes to take things from June and run away really fast! She eats very good and two times as much as June! She likes to follow
June around and repeat everything she says! She finally likes the beach and enjoyed riding in the raft this past weekend!  This weekend we went to the beach and I didn’t bring my camera. Of course the one time I don’t bring it, June catches her very first fish, a large speckled trout! Shelby and June LOVE playing with the shrimp and are not afraid to hold them. Shelby is my mama’s girl and wants me to carry her everywhere!



The girls come home every day from school and want to play in the backyard. They have a little pool that they like to swim in, usually in the buff!



My happy pot had a tomato plant that is almost dead. It made a few little tomatos but Shelby picked them off.


She got in trouble for that…not a happy camper


popsicle legs!


My little explorer!




We have had lots of impromptu backyard pool parties with friends..


I got the girls these hilarious floaty bathing suits for $1 at the resale shop and they love them!


My dear friend, Melissa and baby Jake



Adorable Viviana and her mommy and daddy!


Lil Jakey!




We had Easter at Nanny and Grandpa’s. Nanny put together these fabulous loot bags for the girls!


The best part was the tube of jelly beans inside!





There is nothing better than being with my family! Having all of my loved ones together to celebrate the resurrection of our precious Lord Jesus and the gift He gave us. I was just filled with a contentment that is beyond words. I soaked in every minute of it and thanked the Lord for giving us another day closer to meeting Him face to face in our forever perfect home in heaven.


Fun with Gardening

Jimmy watches his crop like a hawk. He even got a b-b gun to scare away the birds! but so far the only their has been Shelby and her quick hands, she eats the green tomatoes!



This is our little backyard temporary resident, Mr. Coo


Aunt Celine’s House

We went to play with Sophie one day and the girls had fun playing with her and her puppy, Charlie Sheena



I am doing pet photos now too…anyone want a session for their beloved beast?

charlie sheenasheena

Happy Spring Everyone!