Monday, April 18, 2011

Saturday with Nanny and Grandpa

This weekend we went to the Annual Sea Isle Easter Egg hunt! The girls were so excited!


“Come on sister, lets, go hunt for eggs!!”



June was so excited to go through her loot!!



Shelby got her first egg and was done. She just wanted to sit and eat the contents of that one egg and when I tried to get up to stand up, she threw a screaming fit. So she sat and ate fruit snacks during the whole thing.




They ate soooooo much candy when we got back. The opened all the eggs, then closed them, opened them again, closed them, open, close, open close, for about two hours!




The most favorite prize was the stamps! They had dinosaur stamps all over their arms and legs.



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June even shared candy with grandpa! Nanny and Grandpa came down for the day on Saturday. It was so special to have them there, and I treasured every moment with them. For those of you who read this and did not know, my dad is undergoing chemo therapy right now. He had four treatments just last week, so he has not been feeling well. It was so nice for him to get away and spend the day with us. He has spent COUNTLESS hours staring at the walls of MDAnderson, getting injected with poison to kill the cancer in his body, so being able to sit on the deck and relax was such a nice breathe of fresh air! He took a long nap in the morning, but was feeling well enough to ride down to the bay and watch the sunset with us that evening. HE can’t get in the sun, so we just hung out around the beachhouse, ate,  and watched the beautiful birds with binoculars. The beach house sits on the edge of a wildlife preserve along the edge of the bay where birds migrate and people come from all over to bird watch.  We had a great day! I love you so much, Daddy!


June is obsessed with bubbles. She blew bubbles ALL day long.



All the way down to the very last drop!


Daddy went fishing on Pa’s new boat and caught some big fish!


Check out this MONSTER TROUT!!!



June played with Jimmy’s bait and had a blast scooping them up, and counting them one by one as she threw them back in


she even played with this blue crab (its dead don’t worry)





We tried to get some good pics of the girls on the beach but they refused to look at me. This was the only salvagable photo where they were at least smiling!


Shelby hates the sand on her feet and cried most of the time. June has definately hit the terrible two’s full force. Sunday I came upstairs to find the bag of easter candy opened and on the floor and June no where in sight. I called her and couldn’t find her. I finally found her hiding in the very back of my closet with a handful of candy and a priceless look on her face from getting caught! She definitely got my sweet tooth.

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Here are some pics from last year! Look how they’ve grown!!!



The sunset was GORGEOUS! We enjoyed watching it go down as the boats were coming in off the bay after a long day fishing. Sunday we rested and

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Friday, April 8, 2011

My Super Hero

I love you, Daddy!