Sunday, October 24, 2010

4th Annual Pumpkin Party

Last night we had the 4th annual Waggenspack Pumpkin painting Party! June thought it was her birthday party, so we just went with that. Here’s all the cousins in their Halloween duds!


The day started with a trip to the park! Shelby is getting her two top teeth and has been a little under the weather lately.

16 1

She likes to crawl around on the rubber floor

IMG_4198 IMG_4227

They both really love to swing. They could swing forever!


I told June we were having a pumpkin painting birthday party later and she got so excited


We had a little photo shoot to start out the evening. Sophie was an Orca whale! How cute is that!


Corbin is Spiderman, Claire is Ariel from the Little Mermaid, and Caroline is a bee

5 8

Shelby is a unicorn!


my angels!



9 13 14 claire2 caroline

Then the party got started! PIZZA AND CUPCAKES WOOHOO!!!










Then they got busy painting. They all were very good with the paint, and enjoyed smearing it all over their pumpkins! They started out looking colorful, but soon, they were all a barf tone brown from the kids mixing all the paint up!


Aunt Celine read a bedtime story for the tiny girls

IMG_4549 IMG_4550 IMG_4554 IMG_4562 IMG_4577

We then let the kids pick decorations and faces for their pumpkins and we glued them on. This is Junie’s masterpiece.


Here is a group pic of all the finished masterpieces!!



Here is a pic from two years ago at the pumpkin party. I started it the year before when Corby was toddler. Then below when June was a baby..

  Fall Festival 006 Fall Festival 007 june 011 

And here are some pics below from last year! Look how much she has grown!!


my sweet Junie!! I love you so much little girl!!


And here is my sweet Shelby Grace last year! She had a swimming party!


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

She Stood Up!


The past week and a half, I have been sick and today I finally took a day off to rest. It was so nice to be home with the girls. They woke up so happy! It just made me feel so blessed and happy to be able to take a day to rest and be with my sweet babies!



June has this cat suit that she wears as jammies now and she HAS to have the hoddie ears on at all times! She shows me her tail about every thirty minutes!


She alsoo sported my puppy socks around all morning!


We had some delicious herios and then watched Kai Lan.


I tried to sit them in the chair together and take a picture, but June kept repositioning herself so I couldn’t get the shot!! This is how it went…



3 2

And FINALLY, VOILA!!! It happened! June wasn’t too thrilled, but hey, at least she sat there!

4 punkinses

Shelby has been a little snotty lately with a cough…poor baby!


June loves her blankie and likes to snuggle


So ,June decided,she wanted to take her baby for a walk. We went in the front yard and sat in the grass…


I was sitting with Shelby and that is when something magical happened. ……


She just STOOD UP!! Completely unassisted!!


I grabbed my camera and snapped these pics! So excited!


So I guess I will mark today in her baby book!! She is growing up so fast, and it makes me kinda sad. I am so proud of my baby though!